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I will sit you down, gently, fully clothed in your little skirt and cute top. I'll make sure the chair is comfortable, that your growing pregnant belly is in a good position. I'll see that your legs, arms, and alsscan tube head are all resting comfortably. Once all is well, I'll gently position your arms behind your back, around the chair. Skillfully and purposefully, I'll lash your wrists together, still making sure you are not in discomfort. Then I'll tie you to the chair, a strong but easily loosened knot. Once you are firmly attached, I'll move down to your feet. You beautiful, achey feet. I'll open the warmed oil on the side counter, and knead all the soreness from you. I'll lavish attention on every toe. I'll use my strength carefully, and squeeze every bit of tension out of your soles. Running my warmed hands up your calves, over your knees and up your thighs, I'll stop just short of your sex. Then I'll run my hands all the way back down to your arch. Then back up all the way. Long, strong strokes, easing the tension from your tired legs. Moving that baby around is hard work, I know it. I'll make you feel better. Long strokes, up and down, stopping once in awhile to pay attention to each individual muscle. You'll already be melting... Long strokes, up and down. Closer and closer to your already throbbing cunt. Then I'll stop and push your knees back together, fixing your skirt and smoothing it against your soft skin. I'll walk behind you now and as I rise you'll see the bulge of my cock straining against the fabric of my jeans. You'll move to touch it, to caress me like you always do. And you'll still be tied. I'll disappear from view and you'll feel the pressure of my grip on your shoulders. I'll start kneading and pressing in all the right spots. I'll make you forget about the world as I massage your beautiful silken al scan neck. I'll push you forward in the chair just a bit, against the restraints, so I can work lower on your back. It won't be the ideal position for relaxation, but there will be less and less you can do about it now. You'll start becoming as smooth as butter, relaxed and warm and loved. Warm goosebumps will raise whenever my hands find purchase in the right spot. You'll be relaxed, swimming in a sea of comfort. And yet, you'll be more and more aroused. Each touch will remind you of the power I hold over you and the power you have over me. You'll get wetter. Hotter. More needy. I'll walk to the front, and once again you'll ache to take me in your mouth. Still, the ties. You'll reach out to grab me with your foot. SLAP. You'll feel the sting across you face, light pinpricks of obedience. Your feet firmly on the floor, I'll start to deal with the preponderance of unnecessary clothing you still have on. I'll start with your skirt, easily removed. Even this simple act will bring you closer to orgasm. You'll feel my fingers work their way under the cloth and pull the soft fabric down over your perfect als scan digital legs. I'll notice the wetness spreading over your pretty lavender panties, and I'll give you one long inhale between your legs. Perfection. The shirt will be harder, but that's why I brought the shears. I'll begin cutting it off you starting at your belly button and working my way up to your delicate little neck. Once the first long cut is done, I'll pull the blades down over your skin gently, leaving bright pink rivulets of evidence in their wake. Next the arms will be cute free, and the entire shirt pulled off from behind. You'll be in only bra and panties now, the absolute picture of perfection and sexual desire. All the while getting slicker and hotter, ready for the release which you're not entirely sure will even come. I'll disappear for a second, leaving you wondering what will come next. I'll return with a length of wide white ribbon. Using this, I'll bind each ankle to a leg of the chair, with enough slack for you to get comfortable once more in this more restricted position. Reaching up, I'll undo your bra in the back, letting it drape down slightly and exposing your rock hard nipples. I'll bring a hand around and gently graze the tips of your gorgeous breasts with my palms. You'll shudder and moan loudly. SLAP. Again the sting across your face, gently. Using the cut up shirt as als teen pics a gag, I'll restrain you from making any more unwelcomed noises. You can still moan, yes, but muffled and contained. You'll feel your spit and sweat start mingling in the fabric, and you won't be able to do anything about it. Again, I'll graze my palms along your nipples, causing you to arch your back and press into me. SLAP. Harder this tim

We live on the coast. It took place at a al scan beachfront hotel a few Saturdays ago. It's the first weekend of the off season, so the place was empty and we got the corner room for hours. Brian and I drove there and met Mike, my ex. We got there at around 9pm, and Mike was already there in the room. He had my outfit, a few leather ties for the bed posts, and some other stuff me, him and Brian went and picked out at an adult shop. We walked in, he gave me a kiss on the cheek, and just smiled at Brian. "So this is it!" he said with a grin on his face. "You think you can still handle me after all these years?" he said to me, giving me a slap on my ass. Brian just chuckled. He handed me my outfit, and told Brian to go sit in the chair by the sliding glass door in the corner of the room. I calmly walked into the bathroom to get changed, and I was already starting to get wet thinking about what was about to happen. This was all surreal. I couldn’t believe I was going to fuck this guy again. My pussy was going down memory lane. After a few minutes, I came out of the bathroom all ready for him. My long brown hair all down, fresh als scan angels pics coat of lipstick, a tight mesh top suffocating my natural 8DD’s, black leather gloves going up my forearms, and thigh high black leather boots with 6 inch heels. I was ready to be his whore. Right after I walk out of the bathroom, I see Brian sitting in the chair with no shirt on, and his pants down to his ankles. Mike was velcro strapping his wrists and ankles to the chair, preparing him to stay put while he fucks his wife. "I don’t want you touching your cock. Let it get hard as I fuck your wife senseless. It will enhance your orgasm in the end. Trust me." Mike said to him. With my husband strapped to a chair, Mike walked over to me, wearing nothing but a pair of work boots. He took his limp, 9 inch cock in his hand and looked me right in the eyes. He put his other hand under my chin in a soft choke hold, and ran his tongue along my lips. My pussy started to quiver at this point. He then stopped licking my lips, turned back and looked at my husband and didn’t say a word. Holding his cock in his right hand, he put one leg up on the king size bed, grabbed my hair from the back and threw me down to my knees, my face right in front of his balls. I grab both his thighs knowing that was my sign to tongue his balls. I can see Brian right through his legs, and I stare at him as I let my tongue loose on Mikes sack. He starts to moan and stroke his cock, getting it nice and hard. His balls tighten with every lick I give. He then pushes my head further down and back towards his ass as he leans forward. "My asshole you bitch!" he said in a stern voice. Quickly I go under his legs, pry his muscular buttocks apart and get my tongue deep in he ass. I stare at Brian the whole time while Mike moans out load. Brian had a dreary stare on his face, I couldn’t tell what he was thinking, and honestly didn’t care. I had my tongue in Mikes ass, rubbing my saliva all over his balls while his cock grew to its stiff, rigid, 9 inch pussy damaging state that I so remember. After a good minute ass slicking, he puts his foot back on he floor and pulls me back to my feet by my hair. He then forcefully turns me towards Brian, and stand behind me. He puts my hand on his hard 9 inch pole and whispers in my hear to keep it hard. He then looks at Brian and stared right at him as he gropes my 8DD’s and starts twisting my nipples through the tight black mesh. "You been handling these tits good and rough? Huh Brian?" he says looking at Brian, as he gives both my huge tits a hard slap. Brian didn’t say a word. Mike then violently tears open the front of the mesh and my huge tits just fall right out. I let out a moan as he grabs them bare flesh and gives the both a tight squeeze, and lick my neck up to my ear. I look right at Brian and notice his half erect cock flipping around and a little precum oozing. Mike then grabs my hair and throws me on the bed doggy style, giving Brian a side view of me. He pushes my head face down, parts my legs, and prompts my big ass high. He gets on the bed behind me, kneels down and parts my ass cheeks apart. "Look at this big Brian, a wet gaping cunt….and I haven’t even FUCKED it yet!" He said in mean intimidating voice. He then shoves his face right into my soaked pussy, and gets his long tongue right on my clit. I let out a helpless moan as he holds my hands behind my back, shaking his tongue and head vigorously between my thick ass cheeks inside my thick hairy cunt. He then takes his face out and give my ass a hard slap as I gasp for air from moaning. "Seems she packed on a few pounds since the last time I fucked her!" he says to Brian. "What are you feeding this fats slut wife of your huh?" He then pulls my hair, tips my head back, and gets up to my ear. "Your a fucking disgrace! You do NOT deserve my cock you fat fuck. What happened to you!?" he says to me. I just moan helplessly. He then trows my head back down stands up in a crouching position, and steps on my head with one work boot as he lines the head of his cock up with the edge of my pussy. He pushed the head in and I squealed. "BEG for it you fat fuck!" he said to me. "Fuck me!" i said under his boot in a helpless voice. He then looks over at Brian. "You tell me to stop and I'll fuckin smack her!" He then pushes all 9 hard inches in me and I let out a loud scream. My cunt was so soaked he got in no problem and then started drilling my pussy back there like I haven’t had it since we last fucked. He pounds me for a good minutes. It hurt at times but he didn’t care. Whenever I said slow down he just smacked my as and told me to shut the fuck up. I then look over at Brian as the cock was slamming into me, and he was fully erect, staring right at my ass. His cock was twitching, and i could see how red his balls were. I was loving seeing him like that as my pussy was getting wrecked. After a good 0 minutes of that, Mike pulled his cock out, grabbed my hair and made me blow him while on all fours. "Taste your cunt! Thats it!" he said pushing my head up and down on his cock. He was taking his little rest i could tell before my next fucking. I could barely get / of him in my mouth, even though he pushed me all the way down. i would choke and gag on him, but he didn’t care. After two minute son my cunt juice getting all in my mouth, he grabs my hair and pulls me back up. "You haven’t lost a fucking touch down there. Once a cock sucking whore, always a cock sucking whore!" he said as he smacked my face. "Hey!" Brian said to him, hinting he didn’t like the smack. Mike looked at him, didn’t say a word and smacked me even harder on the other cheek, then threw me down on my back. He got up off the bed, and tied my hands to the bed posts with leather straps. My big tits laying right on my chest with my hands and arms spread wide tied to the bed. He the gets on the bed, grabs my legs under my knees and pushes them wide and far back under my shoulders. My thick pussy and wide ass spread right in front of him. He lied his cock right on my pussy soaked hair, and teased me a bit. "Watch your pussy, and DONT take your eyes off!" I looked right down on my pussy, as he held my legs back. He then quickly plunged it all the way in me and i let out another scream, feeling all 9 inches tear me. He then straighten his body spreading his legs getting into his pounding positing and fired away. he started pounding my cunt so fast and hard iw as tearing. I looked over at Brian and he was in a trance with a red swollen stiff cock. Mike was fucking me brutally, as i stared down at my pussy and hearing the wet slap of my cunt juice every time he hit me with a thirst. Mike then looked over at Brian. "You wanna fuck this fat cunt!!? Huh!!?" he says to him. Mike then pulls out his cock and lets out a loud moan like i never hear before. He jerked his cock all over my cunt. It was a tremendous load, and he let it drip all the way down to my asscrack, as he got up and dumped his cock in my mouth for a good cleaning. I licked very drop off and he then smacked me in the face. "Now that your fat cunt is all used, take care of the loser overrun the chair now!" Mike then unstrapped Brian, granted him by the arm and said, "Be a fuckin man!" and there him on the bed. Brian then plunged his swollen cock right in my lose stretched cunt and came within a minute. He was so blue balled. After that, we all sat around and had a few drinks. Before we had a good hour left in the room after we rested a bit, so I blew Brian in the chair while mike fucked me good one more time from beh
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